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I had never cooked much of anything until I became a single dad. At that time, Tombstone pizzas at night were no longer an option. I needed to learn how to cook real, nutritional meals. I did very well at first but became bored with what I was cooking. It became the same old box pizza that I was used to. At that point, I looked to my spice rack every now and then and just threw random spices together on that night’s meal to make it different from every other night. Turns out, I actually came up with a couple pretty sweet combinations. My family loved the blends to the point that they wanted them every time I cooked. I shared these blends with a few family members and they ended up loving them also. At that point I thought, “maybe I should put these out to the public?” So, I bottled up my first three blends and put them in a local farm shop. 

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The sales were slow at first but increased over and over, week after week, month after month. I then decided to sell at our local farmer’s market. It turned out to be a great decision. We consistently sold out at both places which prompted me to create new flavors. We now have many different varieties of spice blends and are working on more every day along with different sauces and marinades. We are working to create everything needed to flavor any dish, whether you are a professional chef or first-time backyard griller. So, fire it up and let’s get cookin’!

- Casey Snelling, KACH22 Founder