Retail Partners

We are all about supporting local businesses/markets. Here is a list of local businesses/markets supporting KACH22 products.


Painted Tree Boutiques, Crestview Hills, KY

Painted Tree Boutiques/Crestview Hills

Facebook/Painted Tree Boutiques/Crestview Hills


Triple Crown Market, Union, KY

Triple Crown Market

Facebook/Triple Crown Market


Boone County Farmer's Market, Burlington, KY

Boone County Farmer's Market

Facebook/Boone County Farmer's Market


Verona Vineyards, Verona, KY

Verona Vineyards

Facebook/Verona Vineyards


The Road Trip Market, Burlington, KY

The Road Trip Market

Facebook/The Road Trip Market


Kinman Farm Market

Kinman Farm Market

Facebook/Kinman Farm Market